Sunday, March 29, 2009

,'Rants and Complains


(the very reason why I am typing right now)

yes, a blog entry about my rants and complains.

I have nothing to do, no where to go.
Day after day, just letting the time past by.., (wasting time is more like it, I should be doing something constructive right now). I am not used to being like this. Unlike during school days, I'm always stressed and never fail to ran out of things to do. Now, I can't even think of anything to do.

Unlike now,,
You'll never fail to see me online every single day (or just invisible). Doing nothing online, searching for stuff like latest gossips, movies, TV schedule?! (man, I gotta have a life). If not, I'm using the photoshop, doing nonsense. (I gave up on all online and offline games installed on our computer...)
No social interaction 'cuz it's been days since my phone flashed the words "NO NETWORK COVERAGE" (bah! need to change my sim pronto, but too lazy to do it.)
I'm watching TV day and night, cartoons and movies. I'm even watching teleseryes on ABS-CBN...
I've spent my time sketching, even sketched my parents bedroom due to my brother hogging the computer, my sister using the psp (even the psp is getting back at me, the game loco roco keeps on lagging.), and broken laptop. I've also read all the Archie comics here even the ones that I borrowed (believe me, we loads of Archie comics here, loads.) No novels either, it's either I've read it or just not interested.

Anyway, this wouldn't last long, our maid will go on vacation so I'll soon do housework around here, which is NOT a good thing. I also have contests to do, summer classes to attend, and lakwatsas hopefully that would keep me busy.


_ _ hangin said...

ayan tinamaan k n ng boringness..(if there's such a word)..ako nga tintmad n rin mag blog..believe me..there will come a time na boring n rin magblog..

the nameless said...

hahaha!! feel ko rin nga eh.. xD